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About Us

Founded in 1995, Partners Healthcare Group work with over 400 Health Systems, Independent Hospitals, ASC’s, Non-Acute Facilities, and Physician Groups across the US. We provide services including Comprehensive Medical Equipment Planning, Inventory & Reconciliation, Accounting, and Fair Market Value services.

Our team of Project Managers, Equipment Planners, Inventory Specialists, HFMA Certified Accountants, Valuation Analysts, Appraisers, and Finance Professionals represent a depth of expertise and experience in the services we provide.

Our team is laser focused on our clients’ needs and offering customized solutions to provide them the best return on their investment and help solve their toughest challenges.

Our track record of consistently delivering highly qualified personnel, performance, and cost management has earned us the earned the trust of the more than 100 facilities we serve today.

Whether you are building a hospital or trying to reconcile an asset ledger, contact us and see for yourself just how good it is to have a partner.