Monday, 19 September 2016
Is Purchasing from a Distributor the Right Solution for Your Project?

Equipment procurement for healthcare projects can involve a variety of types of medical equipment from a number of different vendors. Before you buy medical equipment, consider the advantages of purchasing from medical equipment distributors. 

First, there's the time saved on a multitude of quote requests. If you've ever been responsible for requesting quotes for a healthcare equipment project, you know that this process can be quite a hassle. By going through a distributor, you're able to request a single quote on most or all of the items you need at once. Medical equipment distributors offer thousands of different products from hundreds of manufacturers, ranging from basic to brand name items. 

Next, you'll notice that most distributors take pride in providing only the very best customer service. Establishing a relationship with a dependable distributor can extend the convenience of a one-stop-shop on to routine, operational purchases as well. You'll find that medical equipment distributors offer competitive pricing, too. 

Lastly, logistics services from a distributor can be the solution you never knew you needed, especially if your facility lacks storage space. Some medical equipment distributors will offer such services to store, assemble, stage, and then help to install the items you've ordered into the appropriate rooms as soon as your project is ready for them. The next time you buy medical equipment, contact a distributor first to see what a difference it makes for your project.

Posted on 09/19/2016 4:10 PM by Karen Dino
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